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You don't need another mailing list software . You don't need another software to print letters. Extend the functionality of your existing software with Boachsoft Bizcom 2017.

Boachsoft Bizcom 2017 is the right software for your communication needs. It is unique, allowing users to print letters and send emails with database fields embedded as variables in the message template. It is a tool capable of generating email messages and printed reports for each record in a dataset using fields from the record as variables. The problem is that most software come with pre-packaged reports. What if you want to create custom messages to be sent to each customer in your database by email or by post?

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Boachsoft Bizcom 2017 is the answer; it has all you need. This is a great communications software. It is an excellent software for custom email and letters. It is also appropriate for simple reports.

Increase your productivity through this great software.

This great communications software or custom reports software works with any database. Just create an ODBC connection. Create a template with fields from your database or datasource. Filter your records using a query builder and automatically generate your messages to a printer or email.

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